Permanent Personnel

Careers Inc. is a Personnel Consulting Agency, specializing in professional recruitment, selection and placement of candidates of the highest standard, in all segments of the labour market; incorporating the following:

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Technical And Engineering
  • Middle To Executive Management
  • Secretarial And Administrative
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Banking
  • Broad Spectrum IT
  • Medical

We endeavor to submit only candidates who meet the requirements of the job specifications as received from you, our client.The Recruitment and Selection of Permanent and Temporary personnel, on your behalf, is done by trained consultants, using the “Targeted Selection” method.

Permanent Personnel Fee Structure

The fee consists of a single amount calculated as a percentage of the successful candidate’s annual income (including a thirteenth cheque where applicable). Please contact us for more information.

  • Normal Placement Fee   – 12.5% of Annual income
    The above fee is the standard fee applicable with our standard payment terms of 14 Days from commencement date.
  • Fixed Special Placement Fee – 10% of Annual income
    The above fee is applicable where the allowed payment period does not exceed 3 days from commencement date.
  • Negotiated Special Fee
    In certain instances a fee structure outside the norm will be available to clients, allowing for a special fee and payment terms.

Terms And Conditions

All fees are exclusive of VAT at 14%, and will be calculated and indicated separately.
The fee is payable in full within said fee terms period as from the date of commencement of duties in order to validate the guarantee.
Extended guarantees and trial periods will not be accepted unless arranged with the consultant beforehand.
A full fee is payable should the client subsequently engage the applicant in any capacity within a twelve month period after recommendation.


Careers Inc. offers a guarantee period of 90 days. Should the applicant leave your employ within the guarantee period we should have the first opportunity to replace the candidate free of any charge, within 7 working days, upon notification. To validate the guarantee period the fee must reach us on or before the agreed payment date of the said placement.


In the unlikely event of Careers Inc. not being able to provide a suitable replacement, your account will be credited as per agreement:

All requests for credits/replacements must be submitted to Careers Incorporated within 2 days of the last date of employment.

Temporary Personnel

Careers Inc. Temporary Personnel will only be referred to you, our client, after proper screening and selection. An hourly rate will be charged depending on the skills required and the seniority of the assignment. Careers Inc. Temp candidates will be paid on a monthly basis, on the 30th or 31st by us, after confirmation of the number of hours worked.  Invoices will be issued accordingly.

In the event of either the client or the applicant not wishing to complete the assignment, a 24-hour notice period will be applicable to both parties.

The client will be liable for a placement fee according to the fee structure, should any of the temporary candidates be offered a permanent position in any capacity within 6 months of the last day of the assignment.

Auxiliary Services

  • Verification of Qualifications – including Internationally obtained
  • Credit checks
  • Criminal/Security checks
  • Psychometric evaluation

Response Handling

The Following options are available:

  • Option A

    Design and placement of advertisements
    Receipt of all responses without any selection or typing of information

  • Option B

    Design and placement of advisements
    Receipt of all responses without any selection
    All information typed in uniform CV format

  • Option C

    Design and placement of advisements
    Receipt of all responses
    All applications typed in uniform CV format
    A short interview will be conducted with all applicants

Response Handling Fee Structure

Negotiable.  Please discuss with consultant


All references are forwarded on a strictly confidential basis and should not be discussed with the candidate.

The client accepts that according to our high standard of ethics, only suitable applicants will be recommended to satisfy the client’s staff requirements.  Candidates are selected from information supplied by them, references obtained from previous employers and personal interviews with a consultant.  Hence, the client exonerates Careers Inc. from all liability for any loss or damage resulting from possible recommendations or the appointment of any applicant.